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OST to PST Converter

Online OST to PST file conversion service

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How to convert OST to PST online

A step-by-step description of the online conversion of OST files of any version to Microsoft Outlook PST files:

  • Select an OST file on your hard drive here https://www.osttopst.online
  • Enter your email
  • Click Next step
  • Wait for the file to be uploaded to the service and the OST to PST conversion process to be over
  • Download the converted PST file with your data

How to convert an OST file to a PST file online

This online converter of OST files to PST files makes it possible to transfer data from one format to another using any device and any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, etc).

Our OST to PST online conversion service does not require access to Exchange Server, Windows Domain Controller or Microsoft Outlook. All you need to do is upload your OST file to the server. Next, you will receive a link to download the converted PST file containing all of the data from the original OST file, including: e-mails, contacts, appointments, reminders, tasks, notes, calendars, journals, attachments, etc.

The .ost to .pst converter service allows you to convert the following types of OST files:

  • OST files in Unicode format (Microsoft Outlook version 2007 or later)
  • OST files in ANSI format (Microsoft Outlook versions 97-2003 that are more than 2GB in size)
  • OST files created using all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Encrypted OST files that use any type of encryption
  • Password-protected OST files
  • OST files created with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook

The benefits of the online OST to PST file conversion service

The .ost to .pst converter service works on any device that is connected to the Internet

Does not require you to have Microsoft Windows installed

Does not require authentication by Windows Domain Controller

Does not require access to a Microsoft Exchange Server

Does not require you to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your device

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How to import OST file in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has no function for importing OST files. This means it's necessary to use tools or services from off-site software suppliers. Import of OST in Outlook results in conversion of OST to PST and opening of PST file with converted data in Microsoft Outlook. A detailed instruction is provided below:

  1. To convert OST to PST with the help of online-service and tools from the website https://www.osttopst.online
  2. To open the converted PST files in Outlook menu: File | Open&Export | Open Outlook Data File

Notes for the Microsoft OST 2 PST converter service:

  • The size of the converted PST file may be considerably smaller than the size of the original OST file.
  • The converted PST file will be saved in Unicode format as a *.PST file that is used as the default file format in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later. This format allows you to store more than 2GB of data in a single file.
  • The files are stored for 10 days starting from the time that the source file is uploaded to the server;
  • The converted PST file will not be encrypted or password-protected.


Since the internal folder structure in the .ost file is slightly different from the .pst file, to search for folders merely open all the folders of the 1st and 2nd level in the .PST file in Microsoft Outlook. Usually, user folders are at the second level.

The size of the converted .pst file shows the actual size of information stored in the ost file. If you do not make archives and do not start Cleanup Tool regularly for the original Offline Storage Folders, then the .ost file size is only growing. As a result, only 5-10% of the file can be used for a real user's data.

Offline OST to PST Converter exports messages, contacts, appointments and other data from *.ost files as MSG files. The software converts and saves all data from .ost files to the .msg file format. Later, the user can drag and drop or import the saved *.msg files in any of the popular client software programs, including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Live, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

Microsoft Outlook has no function with which to import data from *.ost files. To open an *.ost file in Outlook, the Exchange Server and Windows Domain Controller must be working and available for user authentication in both of the respective services. Only after that is it possible to transfer the contents of an .ost file that is open in Outlook to a .pst file that is also open in Outlook.

If the Exchange Server or Windows Domain Controller isn't accessible or doesn't work, or if the user can't be authenticated, access to the data will be denied and Outlook won't open the .ost file.

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works fine

mr mike12-Nov-2021

To recommend


everything's OK










Great service, thank you so much


it's beautiful


good and easy application


The perfect way to convert OST files. The web interface is very simple and easy to use. Could keep an archive of my emails by converting from .ost to. pst in the online version. This tool works great.


The best plugin for converting OST to PST, this guys save me!


Excellent and convenient service, my OST email was converted to PST losslessly.

Ramiro Finley05-Apr-2021

Great online service - I received my converted file within minutes - thanks very much


After conversion, letters can be saved in the Inbox folder or in other folders. As it was with me, I was even scared that they would not be returned. They turned out to be in the lowest folder that opens.

Juliana Blankenship15-Mar-2021

I am always reluctant to use the program on the Internet. But this converter seemed reliable to me. And it turned out to work great, very professional, even a neat texture!


Good program


Works as advertized and did a good job! Worth its money more than average!


An excellent convertion tool .ost to .pst, no losses were noticed during the moving of data.


Great tool


Could save my mails archive by converting from .ost to . pst in the online Version. Outlook had synchronization issues with the ost file! Thanks this Tool works great!


The program restored all messages and contacts on Outlook 2007 in excellent quality. I do not regret it, I recommend it.


Works well and quickly. I can import all my Exchange mail into regular mail. Super!


Could save my mails archive by converting from .ost to . pst in the online Version. Outlook had synchronization issues with the ost file! Thanks this Tool works great!






Good app

Abhishek Ranjan04-Jan-2021

Great service

James Bond01-Jan-2021

He can handle the task. Good even with an introductory explanation of PST and OST files. It is worth explaining the text that the service is worth it.


It is very nice, good health.


I didn't think I would run into a problem, but the quarantine took us by surprise. I needed to change the .ost file to .pst, and I was able to do that simply by uploading my file here. Outlook is now more convenient




Good product!

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